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Simple Solutions takes charge of the complete medical billing process including:

  • Data entry of charges and payments.
  • Electronic billing to Medicare, Medi-Cal and all PPO/Commercial insurance carriers who accept electronic claims submission. We will send paper claims to those insurance carriers and IPA’s who currently do not accept electronic claims submission.
  • Patient statements will be mailed once a month to the patients who have a balance due. After the third statement is printed and no payment is received we will review with the client to determine the appropriate next step.
  • Bill secondary insurance Handle all insurance calls
  • Handle all incoming patient calls
  • Handle all insurance tracers; by Phone or by Mail
  • When appropriate, we will initiate and handle all appeals of insurance allowances to Medicare, Medi-Cal and private carriers.
  • Provide financial, billing, insurance and aging reports from current system.
  • Forward claims to collection agencies in accordance with provider’s request.
  • Meet monthly with client to review reports or upon request.

We will handle your clients, patients and accounts in a professional manner. We believe in providing excellent customer service.


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Simple Solutions is a financially solid, privately-owned and professionally managed business which our clients rely on for consistently outstanding results.


Simple Solutions supports your billing needs and specialties including: Medical Oncology Cardiology Neurology General Surgery Gastroenterology Endocrinology

Independently Owned & Operated by
Robert Gittermann - President & Founder

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3520 Long Beach Blvd, Ste # 204
Long Beach, CA 90807
Phone (562) 256-9923
Fax (562) 256-7120

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3520 Long Beach Blvd, Ste # 204
Long Beach, CA 90807
Phone (562) 256-9923
Fax (562) 256-7120